Yoga is my passion, my religion, my release, and my lifestyle. Yoga found me at the young age of 9 but it was not until early 2017 that I reintroduced a more consistent practice into my daily life.

In July of 2017, I spent 6 weeks in Bali, Indonesia completing my 200 hour Hatha-Vinyasa teacher training course at the Power of Now Oasis in Sanur. 

The connection between mind, body and breath fascinates me and is something I enjoy sharing with others. This awareness takes place both on and off the mat, which makes this a living practice. It’s a true discovery, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually that evolves and expands throughout the journey. 

I love challenging the body and mind to flow thru unknown territories, while always being mindful, accepting and compassionate towards its limitations.

Whether you’re new on the mat or have an established practice, yoga is for you because yoga is for everyone. I strive towards creating a safe and comfortable environment that will keep my students smiling and on their toes!