Judgement... Let it go!!!

Do you often find yourself judging?


When we judge ourselves or others we don't practice yoga. 


The first ethical rule of yoga is Ahimsa: non-harming, when you judge yourself or others you are hurting someone with your thoughts as well as sending them that negative energy. You are also operating from your ego.. " I am better than this person, because I don't do this/I would handle this better/I expect more of myself" thus belittling yourself or others in a way. 


At the end of the day we know very little and often times not enough to even judge. But even in the times where your judgement might be “correct/fair” in a way, it is important not to feel superior to others but instead recognizing that maybe in this particular thing you are further along on your path. So how can you provide support and compassion or guide that friend/ person ?


Do you often find judging yourself? Just stop for a moment and imagine the most ideal person and then think if you have ever met them in real life.. probably not. We all make mistakes, but the truth is -no matter where you are at and how much you have accomplished-  there will always be more to learn, to be better at so we may evolve. That is a good thing. You do have a choice of spending your life judging yourself or embracing the imperfect and allowing yourself to accept and to love. 


When we judge anyone, we also automatically judge the universe/the higher forces/god- questioning and pointing out that something is wrong. Everything is here for a reason and sometimes our best teachers are not the good circumstances. Can you be strong enough to find gratitude in that and not just in the good and beautiful? Can you surrender and trust in your path as well as in others’? 


One thing I am pretty sure of is that judgement feeds your ego and the last thing you operate from when judging is your heart. 


We can’t find happiness or give much to the world unless we learn to open, to love, to accept and to trust in what the universe has to show us. 


So take a deep inhale in. Hold your breath as you gather all that judgement that is holding you back and open your mouth as you exhale let ALL that go. 


Find it in your heart to embrace and to love the imperfect. 

Find it in your heart to accept a mistake and create compassion for all those who get lost. 

Find it in your heart to forgive and accept all the lessons there are to learn, no matter how hurtful they might be. 


Feel the weight lift off your shoulders and heart as you accept to be just as you are. In the process of doing that remember to always keep learning to get closer to light. 

Open your heart to the light and let it flow through you as you radiate it unto others, as this is the best you can contribute to the world as you surrender and trust in your path.