Daline  teaches Gentle Yoga all levels class. 

I fell in love with yoga at 18 when I enrolled in a yoga course offered at my college. The teacher, 50-ish with an EarthMother body, was lighter on her feet, had better balance and was stronger and more flexible than 18 year-old-me. I was hooked!


Years later, in my 40s, I decided to enroll in an excellent yoga certification course called Integrative Yoga Therapy. It was a six-month, 200 hour program, and accredited with Yoga Alliance. I completed the course knowing this was the type of yoga I wanted to practice and teach for the rest of my life. 


I have been teaching "Gentle Hatha Yoga" for more than 17 years now. I love teaching and still learn from my students, from myself and from the gift of yoga. I look forward to sharing this gentle practice with you.