Yoga Etiquette



#1: BE RESPECTFUL of the other students in the room with you and be respectful of the teacher. This is a led class. Do your best to follow along. Take modifications if you need them but try not to do “your own” practice. Practicing being respectful to others is practicing yoga.

#2: LEAVE YOUR PHONE OUTSIDE of the studio room, unless you absolutely must have it with you for emergency purposes. We may ask you to set up at the back of the room if you have a special circumstance, so that if you have to leave in the middle of class it won’t be so distracting to others. If you are leaving it in one of the lockers please make sure it will not vibrate and turn it off completely. Unless it’s an emergency, it can probably wait until after your practice is over. Give yourself this time. It’s for your practice.
It’s for you.

#3: LEAVE YOUR SHOES OUTSIDE of the studio room too. The space where you practice is where a lot of transformation is going to happen. Make it special. Taking our shoes off before we enter the room to prac- tice is one of the ways we show respect for the studio and for the practice itself.

#4 AVOID BRINGING OPEN GLASSES mugs or other containers into the studio. Use a water bottle with a lid. Things get knocked over all the time in class. An open container can create a big mess.

#5 AVOID CHEWING GUM. It’s hard to focus on your breath and will make doing Ujjayi breathing (victorious breathing) very challenging

#6 AVOID PERFUMES and make sure your mat,mat cover and yoga clothes are kept clean.Strong smells and a room with lots of people doing deep breathing don’t go well together. Whether it’s a positive or a negative smell you could be having a negative im pact on someone else’s experience in class. 


Give yourself at least 2hrs after eating before you practice. Try not to eat anything heavy or solid that requires time to digest.

#8 BE ON TIME AND READY to practice when the class starts. Please give yourself enough time to set up your mat in the studio and organize any props you might need for class. Be seated and ready to start when the class begins.

#9 BE RECEPTIVE. Be open to what is being offered even if it is a different variation than you are used to doing. Try it out. See if you learn something new by doing some thing a different way.

#10 STAY FOR THE ENTIRE CLASS. If you have to leave early due to an emergency, give yourself a moment of stillness, either in the final resting pose or in a seated position. Close your eyes and let things settle before heading back into the world outside. Please don’t leave in the middle of the final resting pose.

#11 CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF when the class is over. Put props and your mat away if they don’t belong to you. Leave your space tidy and clean for the next class that is coming in.

#12 LET THE TEACHER KNOW if you have an injury, are pregnant or have any other special circumstance that may require additional modifications during your practice. Take breaks. If you need to sit something out, sit something out.Please take responsibility for your own practice. It is impossible for a teacher to give their undivided attention to you and your injury the entire class.

#12 Do your best to PAY ATTENTION. One of the first things we are learning in yoga is to concentrate. Without being able to concentrate none of the more advanced practices are possible. When you aren’t paying attention is also when you are most likely to get injured.

#13 ASK QUESTIONS AFTER CLASS if something doesn’t make sense to you during class, or if you need some additional guidance or support. There are no silly questions. Everyone was a beginner once. There isn’t always time for us to stop the class to answer questions, so, please don’t take this personally. Do your best, come down and rest if you need to, and then if you need some extra attention, or have questions, stick around after class.