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Awakening The Spine with Paola Martinez

This workshop focuses on the spine with restorative allingment and with the use of the Back Mitra. 

Objectives of the workshop:

We are very hard on our backs in today's world. This is true even if we are active and devoted to good posture and a yoga practice. But the fact is, that prolonged sitting, and especially computer work all have a profound impact on the back and hips. As a result, deep muscles in the back and hip areas become locked up and stiff. The neck tightens and carries stress. The shoulders roll forward and in and strains the back muscles, creates pain, and closes off the full use and capacity of the lungs. And then, that shallower breathing creates more stress.

Benefits of "Relaxation as Practice"

The many benefits of the BackMitra include:

• The shoulders assume a natural and healthy position associated with optimal posture. As the deltoids and back muscles relax, it relieves stiffness and discomfort in the neck and shoulders that is the result of rounded shoulders.

• The back muscles relax and become more elastic as gravity pulls them down toward the floor. Deep structural muscles enjoy a profound stretch that involves the entire muscular structure of the back including such major muscle groups as the: trapezius, latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, serratus anterior, and infraspinatus.

• The relaxation and stretching of the back muscles open up the vertebrae for proper disc nourishment and mobility. This stretching of the back muscles also opens up the front of the body across the chest allowing for greater use of the lungs and ease in breathing.

• Blood circulation in the neck, shoulders, and neck is improved and enhanced.

• And lastly, when it is placed beneath the sacrum, there is a profound stretching in the hip area, providing relief to the sacroiliac joint and greater mobility in the lower back.


Working with the BackMitra can manifest strong sensations that can be intense, but not painful. Students will be asked to manage their own experience, and consult a physician if they have medical issues that need to be addressed. However, most students have found the BackMitra to provide a significant source of relief from back stress while increasing back mobility, flexibility and health.

Directed to: 

  • People that want to improve their health in their back
  • Yoga teachers
  • Students of all levels
  • Health coach


About Paola

Paola Martínez is a teacher since 1998 and  ERYT-200 since 2006. She has study and teach in India, Canada, Chile y Mexico. She started to practice yoga in Prana & Yoga Zen Centre en Vancouver B.C, where she took her first TTC.  She has explored, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative, Hatha, Therapeutic, Iyengar method, and since 2012 she has deepen into Restorative Alignment which objective is to bring awareness in alignment, looking to connect with the logical and correct strength that enable the body to create internal space and prevent it from hurting. She is certified by many teachers, but Brigitte Loungeville is a big influence in her teachings. 



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