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21 Day Challenge as an offering to Mama Earth

Are you eager to do something to help the climate change ?

We invite you to do a community challenge of going Vegan for 21 Days and doing a daily 5 minute Metta (love and kindness) meditation on compassion and happiness of all beings. 

*** You can modify the challenge if you need and still join the group. It’s okay to commit to what you feel comfortable with and that might be just cutting out red meat for 21 Days. 

How the food you consume directly relate to climate change? 

UCS reports, “Producing meat, especially beef, requires large amounts of land. Global meat consumption has increased in recent years—and much of the new land for meat production has come from clearing tropical forests. This trend is a leading driver of deforestation and a significant contributor to global warming emissions. Beef in particular requires vastly more land than meats like chicken and pork, which use much less land to produce the same amount of protein.”

What is a Metta Meditation? 

Metta is a loving-kindness meditation.

Mainly practiced with two main focuses:

First is on compassion and relieving beings from suffering.

” May you be free from suffering.” 

Second is on loving kindness wishing a being happiness.

“ May you be happy.May you know love.”

Who can join the challenge?

You can join the challenge as long as you’ve intention in your heart. 

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Cabo or not. 

It doesn’t matter what your regular diet looks like. 

It doesn’t matter if you have never meditated before.

It matters that you’re coming from an open heart with no judgement and just willing to share this commitment of reducing animal products and practicing love and kindness meditation as a community of support and offering.

What will it be like ?

-An opening ceremony on October 1st at Baja Soul Yoga. 

*We can live stream it so its okay if you want to join but don’t live in Cabo. 

*Its also fine if you don’t join but it’s recommended.

During the ceremony we will cover basic meditation tips, setting an intention, group sharing and how to practice mindfulness while eating.

  • We will create a support group to connect with community through meal pictures sharing, favorite recipes, blessings, struggles and most importantly support.

  • We will provide a vegan meal plan and grocery list and cooking videos for all 21 Days!

    *** You can choose to cook or modify the meal plan as you wish

  • Invite you to download Insight timer to use for the timer/meditation and to also feel connected to thousands of people meditating with you worldwide.

  • A suggested donation of 200 pesos to be donated to or any other forest or climate protecting organization.

  • NO rewards or any kind of prizes are to be gained by the end of challenge. This is your offering, with no attachment or expectation.

  • Closing Ceremony at Baja Soul Yoga on October 21st with a group meditation, group sharing and hugs.


  • Any kind of judgement towards non vegans will not be tolerated.

This is a safe space. Trapping people into guilt does not encourage anything. The goal is to inspire and support. It is allowed to share what inspires you to lead or make any conscious choices with full respect and love for someone else’s. 

  • it is Okay if you don’t show up some days. Please share it. I see it as a wonderful opportunity to practice support and compassion towards ourselves and others. It’s not your fault. You’re not weak. You’re enough. Years of habitual eating is very difficult to just change and commit for 21 days. The mind will resist, it’s simply the way it’s designed and that is just fine.Observe it, accept it and nurture it.🥰

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