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The Art of Relaxation with Sam Cress

At this workshop you will learn and experience:

How the practices of Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, pranayama, meditation and mantras can help us create a state of calm and ease and to de-stress.  There will be a full Yin Yoga practice as well as a full offering of Yoga Nidra (also known as Yogic Sleep).  Come ready to relax!

More Details:

- Explore the necessity for relaxation

- Discuss how relaxation (and lack of it) affects our nervous system, daily lives and quaility of life

- Learn how our reaction to stress is very personal and how it's helpful to become aware of our reactions

- Each participant will complete an "Assess Your Stress" 
questionnaire to help identify the various ways stress manifests itself in their physical, mental, emotional and energetic being

- Some ideas for creating relaxation and inner peace when time does not allow for a complete yoga practice

- Yin Yoga practice allowing us to experience firsthand how through our yoga practice we can use specific postures as well as breath to create deep relaxation and guide ourselves and our students to a place of peace.

- Yoga Nidra practice to allow participants to experience a deeper state of relaxation

- Welcome the state of bliss that follows and feel more relaxed, refreshed and rejuvinated

This is a workshop for ALL LEVELS of practitioners. Highly recommended for those who want to learn to let go and relax.


Price: 30USD/555 pesos 

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