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Essential Oil 101

In today’s world, some of the most dangerous things that affect our health are things we willingly expose ourselves to on the daily. And some of these things might not be what you expect! In fact, you might be completely oblivious to the fact that the products we use on ourselves, in our home, on our children, and in our everyday lives, could be the very things that are contributing to why we’re sick, why we have health problems, why we struggle emotionally, and why we are not living a life full of wellness, purpose, and abundance.

There is a better way.... let us show you! Join us as we walk you through step by step and give easy, simple, and affordable tactics anyone can do with the best Essential Oils on the planet. Gear up for a fast-paced, ground-up lecture on everything oils & plant based products and how to get started!

If you attend the event, the 5:30 Yin Yoga will be only 150 pesos !!!