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Sound Healing with Caroline Dalton

Sound therapy or sound medicine has been around since the beginning of recorded history and finally our modern day science is catching up this the techniques and its being more and more incorporated into many healing modalities. And when our bodies are out of harmony and this when disEASE and other aliments set in. 

Get comfortable and prepare to drop into a blissful state of rest and relaxation as you connect to the healing power of sound of the crystal bowls.  The frequency that resonates from alchemy bowl is unique. Made with the purest quartz crystal on earth, each bowl tuned to specific chakras and endocrine points and in combination with rare earth elements and metals these bowls allow for healing on a cellular level. The pure tones interact with the crystalline structure of our blood, bones, blood and dna which promote the healing process.The frequencies and vibration of the bowls bring our body back into optimal health, balance and harmony, connecting our mind, body and soul.


Caroline Dalton is a Certified Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master,  Kundalini Teacher and coach and has spent many years studying, learning and exploring to develop a unique healing practice combining different healing modalities giving her clients the tools and techniques to incorporate into their own self-healing practice.


20 USD /380 pesos