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21 Day Yoga Challenge

Hello lovely yogis, 

We are very excited to announce that we will be holding a 21 Day Yoga Challenge at Baja Soul Yoga. 

EVERYONE is welcome to join, whether you are a student at the studio or you would just like to do it from home and join the group community of the studio for 3 weeks. 

This will be a YOGA challenge, which means it will not be just about coming and doing our asana practice and going home. Everyone will be encouraged to start practicing yoga in their daily life as well. We will be covering some main points on the philosophy and tips to encourage you to go deeper in your personal practice and have a better understanding of yoga and hopefully the transformation it can have on you and your life. 

A 21 Day Yoga Challenge will represent your commitment to yourself as well as preparation yourself for meditation and concentration. 

"In dealing with meditation, it is always worth mentioning that you don’t have to be sitting to practice, but you have to be steady in one thing. For example, I have a student who came to my class every Saturday for over ten years, but every Saturday without fail. That is the very definition of steadiness. So, to meditate is more about steadiness than it is about how you sit or the quality of your concentration, or anything else. Let’s say you remember G-d once a day even for just one second, but every day. That is concentration. This steadiness in concentration brings fruits (results). It’s not that you concentrate on G-d for one whole day, and then you forget about Him – no, that’s not concentration. The secret is to have firm regular concentration on one thing." - Dharma Mittra 

I am a true believer that in order to truly support, love and nurture others one first needs to learn how to have this relationship with oneself. While it is very easy for us to always put work, family ad friends and fun things first ,the goal of the challenge is to help you commit and give you the tools to have a better connection with yourself. 

** Everyone who attends a class at the studio for 21 days will receive a massage at Senza Spa. We will also do a raffle for 5 and 10 class pass for people who attend the classes at the studio. 

A small introduction and opening circle will be held on Wed. FEB28 at 7:00 pm

We will make a little closed group on Facebook to keep the community and as well as to share some information and progress or experience. 

You will need to give your email in order to receive daily email. 



At Baja Soul Yoga we are just SO grateful to be able to practice and share the teachings as well as to have each of you at the studio. 


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