Niya has completed her 200RYT Teacher Training in Prana Yoga, San Diego with Gerhard Gessner and many other wonderful teachers. She started practicing yoga in 2013 as a means to explore another workout opportunity. However, very soon she noticed that yoga was helping her not only achieve a better body but also become a better, happier and more present person. Yoga has brought more mindfulness, gratitude and patience along with many other things into her life over the few years and that has made her interested in pursuing and learning more through teacher training. She hopes to share her personal practice with you and hope it will bring as many benefits to your life as well. 

Garth Hewitt has had been Niya's teacher for a couple years and had a big influence on her practice. 

I hope this studio will be your safe place to practice, explore and discover yoga. Los Cabos has a beautiful community of yogis and wonderful yoga teachers and hopefully it will keep growing.